‘Eth Era’ is a unique project aiming to bring the past, present, and future of the universe into the metaverse. Our first step towards this goal begins by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create our genesis collection which consists of 5,555 unique pieces of art in NFT form. Each piece is attached to one of seven key eras throughout history, ranging from prehistoric times until the future, with an eighth additional rare mythical era to capture worlds beyond imagination (see FAQ for a list of all eras/rarities).

Our image generation process involved using a class of machine learning frameworks called generative adversarial networks (otherwise known as GANs) to produce images conditioned on text prompts. This process can be briefly summarised into three distinct stages, which are building the GAN, training the GAN using custom datasets, and generating the image set. The last two stages can be considered to be the most computationally intensive parts of the entire process, and involved dozens of high performance data centre GPUs being deployed from cloud computing services over a four month period. The end result was a collection of just over 400,000 images, from which we're carefully choosing the best 5,555 to be released as our genesis collection. Read more about our process by clicking here.

Each and every piece from our genesis collection will also grant holders an exclusive membership into the Eth Era ecosystem, rewarding all members with a range of benefits such as physical art, access to our virtual gallery, era-specific AI avatars, and much more...





Specialised in non-convex optimization during his master's thesis, which had begun a long voyage of exploration into the world of AI and machine learning. ne0’s only purpose now is to take the red pill and transfer his skills over from reality and into the metaverse.



Master of Mathematics, did his dissertation on AI and ray tracing through finding novel solutions to the light transport equations. Has been interested in decentralisation since first crossing paths with BTC through the deep web in 2013. Loves to code and buy jpegs.



A tech nerd at heart, Monster has helped start-up companies grow through strategic marketing and content creation. An avid crypto enthusiast since 2017, diving into NFTs and web3 to help build out our future. Lover of animals, games, music, and talking to like minded people.


Release of our genesis collection for presale will be held on the 12th of January at 8:00PM UTC, with public mint being held exactly 24 hours later. The price for each piece is set at 0.077 ETH.

When minting begins connect your MetaMask wallet to this webpage, enter the quantity you would like (max 10 per tx), proceed to click the mint button, and then confirm the transaction in MetaMask!

Mints will be limited to a maximum of 10 per transaction.

Total supply is limited to 5,555.

An Eth Era membership grants you exclusive access to the future projects in the Eth Era ecosystem. Enjoy benefits such a free physical copy of your genesis NFT, member only NFT drops, direct contact with the team to help shape the future of Eth Era, and much more!

All holders of the genesis collection will be granted memberships with different tiers, more details to come.



Ancient History

Middle Ages

Early Modern





Rarity (%)









Please note that these rarities are approximate, but will be within range of the percentages stated (±2%).

There are a variety of art styles present within each era, with certain art styles rarer than others.